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Inuyasha – Sotsugyou ~ Sayonara ha Ashita no Tame ni

“Ima doko ni iru no? Ima dare to iru no?
Aoi sora miage Sotto toikakeru”

[ Where are you now? Who are you with now?
I look up at the blue sky and ask softly ]

“Owarenai omoi sora ni hanashite
Tatoe hitori demo aruiteyuku kara”

[I speak my endless feelings to the heavens
Even if I’m all alone, I can keep going]

Photo by Trí (top) & Mellysa (bottom)
Lyrics from Sotsugyou ~ Sayonara ha Ashita no Tame ni - Tackey&Tsubasa
Me as Inuyasha
WAO as Kikyo.

Inuyasha ~ Inu Yasha

It has been a hard and unlucky day. We were late, then it rained make us doing the shoot with very bad light setting :(( however, i think it’s quite good. I have to send my sincerely thanks and apology to my dear photographer vthong1992 for enduring so much trouble yet still come to help us with all his effort ;( Dear, we’re truly sorry :(( Thanks to ss Mellysa and beloved Yukirin too. Today I met a new cute photographer, he’s so friendly and passionate, also good at his skill :”) Thanks you guys so much (oh dear, look how talkative I am :)))

And here is my photo for today. Nice weekend for all :”)

Shion ~ Kiss from a Rose


Photo by vthong1992.

Syo Kurusu [Concert Costume] ~ UtaPri ~ Japan Day 13th Nov 2011

Photo by Mellysa.

Japan day 13th Nov 2011.


I was performing Maji 1000% Love on the stage… I think it’s still not good but… I’m so excited >/////////////< Kyaaa~~~

Vampire ~ Original cosplay (2)

Photo by Mellysa

Lish as White

Shio Ji as Dark


Syo Kurusu (2) – Uta no Prince-sama Maji 1000%LOVE

Photo by Mellysa

Me as Syo (Sho) Kurusu.


Syo Kurusu – Uta no Prince-sama Maji 1000%LOVE


Photo by Mellysa

Lishrayder as Syo Kurusu

Special thanks to Yukirin, Shio Ji, Shion and vthong92

Vampire – Original Cosplay

Photo by Mellysa.

Lishrayder as White.

Shioji as Dark.





Nutty – Happy HALLOWEEN!!!


Photo by vthong92

31.11.2011 Good day!