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My cosplay in 2012


Left to right, top to bottom.

1. Ciel in Wonderland2. Doraemon
3. Edward Elric (military ver.)
4. Edward Elric (FMA movie: Conqueror to Shamballa)
5. Songoku
6. James Potter
7. Aladdin
8. Robin – Dick Grayson (Young Justice)
9. Kuroko Tetsuya
10. Thor (gender bender)
11. Alois Trancy (Halloween costume)
12. Asato Tsuzuki
13. Robin – Jason Todd
14. Natsuki Shinomiya (cover photo version)
15. Hikaru Shindo
16. Edward Elric (winter casual)
17. Natsuki Shinomiya (Debut version)
18. Robin – Dick Grayson (golden age)
19. Sirius Black
20. Remus Lupin


Try my best in the new year for more costume!!


Robin ~ Death in the Family


Lishrayder as Robin (Jason Todd)
Photo by SugAr Free
Special effect Phan Kim Thanh
Beloved Staff: Điêu Vân Ruyuha Kyouka (and friend) Takarofus Danny

Yami no Matsuei ~ Asato Tsuzuki


Lishrayder as Tsuzuki Asato (Yami no matsuei)

Photo by vthong1992

James Potter ~ Harry Potter

Lishrayder as James Potter (Harry Potter)
Photo by vthong1992

Remus Lupin ~ Harry Potter ~ Happy Valentine

Ấn vào đây để thu nhỏ

Sirius Black x Remus Lupin

Ấn vào đây để thu nhỏ

Ấn vào đây để thu nhỏ

Ấn vào đây để thu nhỏ

Ấn vào đây để thu nhỏ

Lishrayder as Remus Lupin
Tooko Amano (aka Shion) as Sirius Black
Photo by vthong1992
Chúc mọi người Valentine hạnh phúc và nhiều chocolate :”>

Aladdin ~ Magi – TOF 5th Jan 2012

Me as Aladdin (Magi The Lybarinth of Magic)

Photo by Won & Nghia Nguyen


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